Tecte street history

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History of Street Tecte

Tecte calli, name given by the people originated that finished the feast of Corpus Christi in the cathedral, the pastor of Bethlehem to return in procession the image of the Virgin of Bethlehem to his temple, and the ceremony known from colonialism with the name of the "way of Bethlehem" was very solemn and followed by thousands of faithful who stood in the back streets to demand this spicy altar called "Llaqway-uchu" and hosts tasty and refreshing chicha or white people call the "Tecte". The drinks, healthy and nutritious was sold by dozens of women lined with tables and vases along the street shoppers flocking downtown today say Tecte street.* Source: Origin of the names of the streets of Cusco. Angel Carreño. Municipality of Cusco. 1987